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Our company
A family business per excellence

1995 founded by Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber (BIZ) as a meeting place for all who like to work with their creativity and textile materials in old and new techniques. Needlework is our biggest passion and yet our gaze always goes beyond the traditional and we stay in close contact with other textile crafts.

The House of Textile Arts includes the world's most unique Painter's Threads Collection, that International School for Textile Arts and also the German Embroiderer's Guild e. V. acts in close cooperation with us. Material of high quality, good service and professional competence are a matter of course for our team.

Thomas has not only been the most important part of BIZ's life since 2013, but also the "second" half of our core team. He wraps, packs, sends, as if he had never done anything else, even though he had never before had anything to do with such colorful threads or the like. However, he has many years of experience in logistics and has quickly set up a great system with our hundreds of drawers. He himself has been on the road as a driver for UPS and can therefore understand the sometimes mysterious ways of transport and quickly bring wrong shipments back on track.

Our seminars are designed by BIZ, who also paints all the materials of the Painters Threads Collection herself. The technique she developed is more a painting than a dyeing. All products are unique and give every textile project that certain something. All our seminars are tailored to the variety of materials and the colors of the collection and offer you the absolute color pleasure.

Have you caught fire and want to try out more and still more while learning the trade from scratch? Then you have come to the right place! In a very individual program of seminars (available locally and as distance learning) we offer many ways to learn from a special kind of cross-stitch kits to introductory seminars and master classes . Everything your inquisitive hands have always been looking for. Benefit from the competence of one of the best needlework instructors of our time.

If you do not know our variety of materials yet or just want to look at them again: visit our Online Storethat provides a lot of information about the what and why of materials. Short-term appointments to visit the workshop and the Painters Threads Collection are possible -almost- any time.

Bärbel and Thomas have been a heart and a soul for many years. Together they produce and ship hand-painted textile materials that have found friends worldwide. We source our raw materials for the beautiful materials almost exclusively from family businesses around the globe. Globalization also has beautiful sides!

What we do

House of Textile Arts
Home for hand-paint-dyed textile materials
and the craft embroidery

We all shape the future ourselves

It is important for us to counteract the hectic pace of everyday life, the many fears and worries of the people. Let our souls rest again. Away from "what can you use this for nowadays?" to "it's just fun to work with my hands". Working with hand-dyed textile materials is touching our roots and encountering our innermost selves. Some paint or potter - we embroider and make lace and weave and spin!

Studying and Teaching

We stand for the preservation of the artisanship of needlework in all its splendor and variety! With us there is almost nothing that does not exist. We want everyone who comes to take something home with them: the knowledge of what they can do with needle and thread and textile materials. And that those who have the courage to trust us and their own creativity can master this beautiful artisanship by just practicing it.


Service is very important to us, even if we are not always easy to reach by phone. There is hardly a question from the field of embroidery and everything that belongs to the textile design, where we have to quit. Of course, we also know a lot about our hand-dyed textile materials ...
If we do not know the answer ourselves, we will forward you to relevant experts. Your orders will be processed as quickly as possible and inquiries almost always answered immediately. And even if something dances "out of the line" , we are always a patient contact.
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Bärbel is the never-ending source of inspiration in the House of Textile Arts.
Since earliest childhood, textile materials have been a fascination for the Markgräflerin, needlework had always been particularly impressing to her. She is probably one of the lucky few who had a really great manual labor teacher, who promoted her beyond high school. After middle school, Bärbel switched to an ecotrophological high school, where she came in contact with many textile techniques. Unfortunately, an apprenticeship as an embroideress could not be realized, which she still regards as a happy coincidence. She trained in the hotel business, studied social welfare and later joined an apprenticeship as a logistic expert. This is the foundation of the success of her small business, which is known today among textile artisans and artists around the world.

1956: released into the world by the Heavenly Ministry of Culture
1974: uff - the high school graduation is done
1974 / 75: have a break and learn English as an au-pair in Canada
1975 - 1998: learned everything which is quite helpful as an entrepeneur
- Psychology, customer management, organization, import, export, logistics, accounting, human resources
1985: Certificate as a Forwarding Agent
1986: Apprentice aptitude test IHK
1995: Taking the plunge into self-employment
1994 / 95: Certified Classes Royal School of Needlework, London (Hand Embroidery)
1995-1997: further specialist seminars Royal School of Needlework London
(special topics of hand embroidery)
1995: Founding of the company Tentakulum and School of Historical Needle Art - after many trials and tribulations today
House of Textile Arts with the Painters Threads Collection and the International School for Textile Arts
1998: Start of the correspondence courses for hand embroidery
1998: Start of production of own hand dyed threads and fabrics
1998: Founding of the German Embroiderer's Guild e. V. (on board until 2015, again and chairwoman since May 2019)
2000: Development of own technique for the painting of textile materials - start of own series "Painter's Threads Collection"
2006-2011: Experts in the Vocational Education Committee Designing Craftswoman / subject embroidery
2010: Acknowledgment of professional aptitude for the training of Designing CraftsWoMan / subject embroidery
2013: after many more trials and tribulations met the love of my life
since 2014 happily married to the same and working together in the House of Textile Arts

Expert knowledge:

  • all techniques of hand embroidery and needlepoint
  • Pasamentry (manual work)
  • Further skills
    • braiding
    • weaving
    • knitting
    • crochet
    • needlepoint lace
    • bobbin lace
    • Webdesign


After Thomas 2013 got to know the crazy Bärbel, the Essener, who emigrated to Sauerland with 15, realized quite quickly that he was enjoying the textile business a lot. Through his many years of work in warehouse management, he was fascinated by immersing himself in the world of a thousand drawers in the warehouse of the House of Textile Arts. He quickly got to know the different colors and materials and is now hard to imagine not to work in our small family business.

Likewise Thomas is responsible for the organization of exhibitions, travels and projects in the EU's Erasmus program, in which the International School for Textile Arts participates in cooperation with the German Embroiderer's Guild.

1957: released into the world by the Heavenly Ministry of Culture
1973: uff - finally just play football and no more school
1973 - 1976: turned a bit crazy and then also made an official graduation on the revolver lathe
1976 - 2013: worked, worked, worked
2013: after the trials and tribulations found the love of my life
since 2014 happily married to the same and joined her company
since 2016: on the board of the German Embroiderer's Guild e. V.

Expert knowledge:

  • warehouse management
  • SAP
  • Truck Driver's license

on our own behalf - a very special chance

You love textile design and do not consider hand-embroidery to be a dispensable relic from Great Grandmother's time. You can imagine becoming independent in this area. You know that in a small business everybody has to be able to do everything and that includes commercial knowledge, marketing, webdesign, computer skills and much more, and that does not scare you. You are not locally bound and also like to travel whenever necessary. You know that women / men in this industry will probably never become very rich. Passion inside you burns so strongly, that the problematic side, which an independence in this area includes, elicits a "I want and can do it"? Then click on the button. Maybe you find what you have always been looking - right here!