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On the road for Needlework

Whether as House of Textile Arts, International School for Textile Arts or German Embroiderer's Guild e. V. We are always "on the road", just like the old craftsmen.

In this way we contribute to the great artisanship embroidery is not forgotten. Even though it is sometimes difficult to counteract the many prejudices and the eternal "my grandma did that too ...", we can do it!

On this page you will find events where you can meet one or the other of us and personally with and can shower us questions until the cows come home. If we can inspire you so much that you want to join us in one way or another: then the whole effort was worth it!

We look forward to seeing you!.

The market takes place in the courtyard and in the exhibition rooms of the Maierhof, the former economic building of the monastery Benediktbeuern. The property, built by 1708 - 1718, was one of the largest and most advanced agricultural facilities of the Baroque era. Today, the beautifully restored building houses the Center for Environment and Culture (ZUK). Founded by the Salesians of Don Bosco 1988, the ZUK is a modern education and guest center with a focus on sustainable development, nature conservation and nature experience for children, adolescents and adults, as well as a rich cultural program.

A novelty for us! We will build our booth for Painters Threads in the large tent and next to our big (2.30 x 1m) embroidery frame, with which we will be traveling at the next events. We will work there together with the visitors of the events a joint work in the framework of our planned EU project:

Allerleirau's fabulous world of getting together

Fabric remnants from the production of the Painters Threads Collection are used to create the base fabric, and caves and florals from the past century cavort in it. They are worked with leftover threads and a variety of stitches. The more join in, the better ... there is enough fabric for more than one wall hanging ....

From the 08. to 10. November celebrates the NADELWELT premiere at the exhibition center in Friedrichshafen. The event format NADELWELT can look back on successful years in Karlsruhe and has established itself as the largest pure handicraft fair for end consumers in Germany. With Friedrichshafen, the NADELWELT 9 will be expanded to include a second location in the border triangle on Lake Constance.

A novelty this time not only for us! We were part of the first Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, as well as on the previous event Kreativwelt Wiesbaden. All events have brought us a lot of interest, so we are really motivated to make this premiere well.

We will also build a small booth for Painters Threads and have our big embroidery frame, maybe he will finish here! At the same time, of course, we inform about the work of the guild and the school and present works by guild members and students of the school. Stay interested and come to see us!

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Of course there are events without us ...
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on our own behalf - a very special chance

You love textile design and do not consider hand-embroidery to be a dispensable relic from Great Grandmother's time. You can imagine becoming independent in this area. You know that in a small business everybody has to be able to do everything and that includes commercial knowledge, marketing, webdesign, computer skills and much more, and that does not scare you. You are not locally bound and also like to travel whenever necessary. You know that women / men in this industry will probably never become very rich. Passion inside you burns so strongly, that the problematic side, which an independence in this area includes, elicits a "I want and can do it"? Then click on the button. Maybe you find what you have always been looking - right here!